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The Vision Range

Explosive Learning Solutions is able to analyse and exploit extremist web-based media (including videos, documents and announcements, publications and presentations) and communications through strategically positioned collection and monitoring assets. This service provides organisations with greater insight into the burgeoning English-language radical-Islamist content and can be used to support a number of applications including assisting in systems design, trend analysis and red teaming. It can also broaden clients' knowledge of the threat, allowing for a more effective response.

The Vision Range consists of:

  • Media Summary Reports – The first component of the Vision Range is the Media Summary Report (MSR) which is designed to give an initial look at harvested media of note. These MSRs will be (in most instances) used to prime the production of more detailed Media Analysis Reports and can provide the customer with an area that they may wish to explore further.
  • Media Analysis Reports – The second component is the Media Analysis Report (MAR) which takes a detailed look at all analysis worthy media that is harvested as part of the collection process.  MARs can be the result of a specific information request or as a result of ‘signposting’ by the MOR.
  • Country Reports – The third component is the Vision Range Country Report (CR). This is tailored to the specific needs of a client and is a more focused look at a country from a dedicated counter terror and defence perspective; review work could include trend analysis and future prediction.
  • Analysis Support (hours) – The fourth component which can be added to any of the previous three is the ability to utilise the extensive analytical capability that Explosive Learning Solutions has to offer. The analysis support tool can be purchased in advance to provide detailed intelligence analysis on a variety of subjects including post incident reporting and exploitation.