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Rapid Improvement Events

What is a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE)?

  • A hands on, focused event aimed at achieving a real, immediate step change in performance through the practical implementation of change.
  • It is more than just tools and techniques; it is a flexible but structured approach, starting with finding out what really happens now through to designing the future state capability and processes necessary to create and sustain success.
  • It engages those that know the detail of what happens on the frontline and those with the authority to sanction change to gain real ownership.

Meeting the customers needs

  • Focus on what is really happening from the customer’s point of view.
  • Identify the work that adds value and the waste activities.
  • Design a new future state process, eliminating waste activities and improving the work that adds value to become more lean, effective, responsive and agile to meet customer needs.

What we can deliver

  • A practical way of achieving real results, demonstrating to everyone a commitment to implement improvements that meet the needs of the customer.
  • RIE as an integral part of a programme to increase internal lean capability through ‘champions’ and lean leadership skills in the organisation.
  • The development on an integrated work strand programme and the creation of a sustainable culture of improvement that becomes: "the way we do things around here".