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Force Protection

Whilst Force Protection (FP) is a term applied to military operations, the preventive measures and means to minimise the vulnerability have wider use in protecting both National and Commercial Critical Infrastructure and allowing them to be more resistant and resilient to potential attack. The concepts may be applied to a wide range of threats from physical to cyber across military, civil, law enforcement and commercial activities. Explosive Learning Solutions can provide expert advice and guidance based on the tried and tested approaches outlined on this page.


Resources both in terms of time and costs are limited and therefore FP measures require a balance of what is affordable and necessary. Typically the approach will be a series of bespoke designed measures mixing numerous simple techniques with resources targeted to key points. As disruption is often a major aim of any attack then overall FP measures will be designed to be as unobtrusive to normal routine operations and business as practicable.   

Threat Assessment

Investment or allocation of resources to minimise the impact of a threat cannot be effective unless the problem is defined.  A Threat Assessment (TA) must be developed from a broad range of available information and intelligence sources and then tailored as appropriate. TA is a continuous process involving constant situational awareness and adjustments reflecting the influences of FP measures and priorities. Accurate and contextual TA achieves the balance between potentially dangerous under evaluation or excessive measures or interference in the wrong or another direction. This is a balance achieved only through experience. 

Risk Management

Risk management is about reduction and not absolute risk elimination. Risk is part of everyday life and a desire to avoid risk completely will severely inhibit routine operations and business activity. A balance is required and this can be achieved with FP measures through the techniques of avoidance, transference, mitigation and acceptance. Risk management is a process to reduce identifiable risks to an acceptable level via an assessment and the recommendation and implementation of selected FP measures.


It is a theme of shared resources and multi-agency multi-national working that there must be interoperability. This is a fundamental part of military capability Lines of Development (LoD) and is mirrored in concept in industry. FP interoperability not only ensures that partners can work together with equipment, practices and procedures but also that with a unified front approach no weak-link can sought out to be exploited or attacked.


It is understood that most attacks are well researched and planned. For FP measures to remain effective it is critical to understand that threats are adaptive and changing.  Attackers will learn from experience and evaluate extant FP measures. Those involved in FP planning must be kept informed and trained to plan beyond the immediate problem including planning for change through flexible measures. Fixed measures and a lack of flexibility can be exploited and costly to remedy.

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