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System Design

It is well understood that most attacks are well researched and planned. For Force Protection (FP) measures to remain effective it is critical to understand that threats are constantly evolving and changing. Attackers will learn from experience and evaluate extant FP measures. Those involved in FP planning must be kept informed and trained to plan beyond the immediate problem including planning for change through flexible measures. Fixed measures and a lack of flexibility can be exploited and costly to remedy.

Through our comprehensive knowledge of the ever-changing threat, Explosive Learning Solutions can assist with your planning and training considerations. These include, but are not exclusively the following:

Manportable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS)

Air Defence missiles are derived from the military market and have been supplied or acquired by illicit users. An asymmetric use of MANPADS refers to their use in the attack of predominantly civilian passenger aircraft and the resultant international consequences. Our Counter-MANPAD Threat Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis survey will identify flight path risk areas where ground FP measures can be applied by existing security personnel.  

Indirect Fire (IDF)

Military mortars, rockets and improvised systems may be used to damage or harass establishments or infrastructure. IDF is an attack delivered at a target which cannot necessarily be seen by the firer and is often used to overcome physical perimeter security from a distance. Counter-IDF measures are part of the FP considerations and risk management may recommend protection of the vulnerable assets or adoption of external discouraging security patrols and measures.